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Tayaran Jet and Ernest Airlines Join Forces for Connecting Italy and Albania Again

Photo Credit: TripHobo

After successfully completing together their winter flight schedule, Tayaran Jet and Ernest Airlines will open the high summer season with a crew hub in Bari, Italy.

Starting from the end of May, the two airlines will operate routes from Tirana to various Italian popular destinations. The charming city Bari will accommodate Tayaran Jet lineup team by the Adriatic Sea coast. Bari is famous for tourism but is also considered a major economic center in Southern Italy because of its convenient location and connections by air and sea.

The traffic between Italy and Albania is typically high and it grows even more rapidly during the vacation months. Apart from Bari, the Albanian capital Tirana will be linked to Ancona, Bologna, Rimini, Milan, Venice, Rome, and other interesting stops. To get good deals and book flights early in advance, go here.

Ernest Airlines focuses on serving the Italian-Albanian market

Tayaran Jet and Ernest Airlines collaborate under ACMI conditions since last summer. The two operators built a bond that proved its efficiency and mutual benefits. The current trips plan will continue for approximately a one year period of time. Tayaran Jet is proud to support its partnering airline focus on serving the Italian-Albanian market.

Furthermore, Tayaran Jet will soon be ready to announce availability for wet leasing its second Boeing 737 that is now going through final touch-ups in Bucharest. It is going to be a an eventful and dynamic year!